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Motorola Moto 360


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Sep 2014
Battery life
1 days
Android wear
Anti-scratch lens


Features & Technology

Resolution 320 x 290
  • Accelerometer
  • Heart rate monitor
Display Type Lcd
Touch Yes
Multi-touch No
Battery Capacity 320 mah
Charging Connection
  • Wireless
OS Android wear
Wireless Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Wi-fi
  • Microphone


Water Resistance 30m (3 atm)
Dust Resistance Waterproof
Case Materials
  • Stainless steal w/ plastic back
Wristband Materials
  • Horween leather band with metal latch
Replaceable Wristband Yes
Anti-scratch lens Yes


  • Calendar reminder
  • E-mail
  • Facebook
  • Incoming call
  • Missed call
  • Text message
  • Twitter
  • Weather
  • Phone link alert
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Google voice
  • Google hangout
Incoming Notifications Type
  • Whole content
Notification Methods
  • Vibration
  • Screen backlight
Remote Features
  • Voice control

More Info

Headphone Connection
  • Bluetooth
Additional Features
  • Auto adjust to smartphone time





Pro Reviews

If anything is game-changing about the second gen Moto 360 it’s the level of customisation on offer. Women in particular should get on very well with this smartwatch design. That said, Motorola’s rivals, particularly Apple, are fast catching up and everyone from fashion brands to modular smartwatch startups have realised that personal style is key for wearables. The Moto 360 2 improves on some key problems with the first Moto watch – performance and battery – but there's nothing that really moves smartwatches on. If you’re sold on Android Wear and are willing to accept its flaws the second gen Moto 360 is an affordable, stylish, everyday smartwatch. And maybe it doesn’t need to be more than that.
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The Moto 360 is the most attractive Android Wear device you can buy right now, with a design that's more reminiscent of a regular watch. Even so, it suffers from poor battery life, just like other early smartwatches, and it has a higher price, too.
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The Moto 360 tries to be the ultimate smartwatch, but it just ends up being a better-looking Android Wear watch with some notable limitations.
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Moto 360 is Android Wear's first head-turning smartwatch backed by Google's intelligent software. It has practical information on the virtual dial, but terrible battery life and a slow processor beneath its circular screen.
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On the surface, the Moto 360 is the most desirable piece of wearable technology we've ever seen. It's sleek and stylish, made with premium materials and is highly customisable with third-party watch faces. Underneath, however, it's a compromise: the LCD screen and outdated processor result in mediocre battery life that puts it at the bottom of the smartwatch pile in terms of endurance. Android Wear is still in its infancy, with usability issues and a paucity of features, and although Motorola can't take the blame for this, the operating system can still be frustrating to use at times.
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How to factory reset your Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch

Factory reset sequence for Android Wear Version 1.3.x

  • Wake up your Motorola smartwatch by touching the screen
  • Swipe from top to down to enter the menu
  • Swipe from right to left until you've navigated to the Settings icon and touch it
  • Scroll down until you see the Factory reset and press it
If you were successfull your Motorola Moto 360 is in its factory state.

Factory reset sequence for Android Wear Version 1.4.x

  • Wake up your Motorola smartwatch by touching the screen
  • Swipe from top to down to enter the menu
  • Swipe from right to left until you've navigated to the Settings icon and touch it
  • Scroll down to "Unpair with phone" and press it
  • Confirm you want to unpair and factory reset by pressing the check