Keep moving with Garmin's Vivoactive HR health smartwatch

The one thing that lacks in most fitness smartwatches is the looks. In other words, if a fitness watch has all the features you need, it will inevitably be big and ugly. You won’t wear it unless exercising and you definitely won't wear it at official social events.

Garmin's Vivoactive HR is different.

You get to keep all the features, that make this a smartwatch fit for the best athletes. Including a GPS module and a heart rate monitor!

Yet, you can wear it to the shops without feeling like you have a big chunk of wood on your hand.

One could say the design mimics the Fitbit Surge, but with a subtler look and a larger screen. With a 8 day battery life, and 13 hours GPS battery life (yes!) the Garmin Vivoactive HR is a wearable you will get attached to.

Price and features

Coming in at $249, this is a mid-range smartwatch that is slap-bang in the middle of Garmins offering of fitness watches. It has all the features necessary, starting with the obvious step counting. Running, biking, rowing, swimming (water-resistant up to 5ATM), indoor workouts can all be tracked. What about golf? Yes, golf as well.

The watch has many more features, it’s impressive. We love the built-in GPS! Leave your phone at home and be confident you are tracking your runs and bike-rides with accuracy.

User friendly and easy to use

Starting an activity is simple. Press the right button below the screen and choose your activity. The display will show the duration timer as well as distance covered.

The watch faces are customizable so you can choose what to see on the main display.

Garmin Connect app available for Android and IOS devices

To take advantage of all the features, you will use Garmin Connect app, which is quite user friendly.

The app will gather and keep any stat you wish to know. Plus, with its user friendly interface and dark modern design, it looks so good!

An Overview of the day brings your stats together. The Insights are all about providing you with suggestions on how to improve your fitness and health. The more data you collect over time, the better your suggestions will get.

If you are looking for something with a bit more to offer than Fitbit Surge, the Garmin Vivoactive HR is an option you should check. Apart from its more considerate looks, the latter is equipped to track more sports. Did we mention paddle-boarding, skiing and snowboarding?

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