Garmin Fenix Chronos: stunning exterior and high build quality for $1000

The Garmin Fenix Chronos is a smartwatch that is a little out of reach for the majority of budgets. However, while it appears rather expensive (and it is for a smartwatch!), the Garmin smartwatch certainly has the looks to go with the $1000+ price tag it has.

Basically, you have three options for the Chrono range; the more expensive titanium version, then two steel (316-grade stainless steel) model smartwatches, which can be bought in either brushed stainless steel band or vintage leather strap. Of course, these watches are made in the home of traditional watchmakers, Switzerland. All three smartwatches have GPS and GLONASS satellite reception.

Tough sapphire lens and a Chrona display

The display used by the Garmin for the Fenix Chronos is a 1.2 inch Chrona display, with LED backlighting that makes it easy to read in sunlight. Though the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear may have more vibrant screens, going for this type of display enables Garmin to reach more hours of battery life, on one charge.

In terms of battery life expect about 25 hours of UltraTac battery saver mode and 13 hours of GPS. This is less than previous generations of the Fenix range, though, if used simply as a smartwatch and depending on the settings, the Fenix Chrono could reach up to 1 week of battery life.

The glass used is a tough scratch-resistant sapphire, which is more than tough enough for your everyday sports activities. Every Chronos is coming with a silicon strap as well, so you can have a more suitable strap for your sports activities. The watches are quite large, but you certainly won’t be trying to hide it.

Packed with features

What sets Garmin’s new Fenix apart from most high-end smartwatches is the amount of fitness and activity tracking features it packs.

The Garmin Fenix Chronos is water-rated up to 100 meters, and your heart rate is monitored 24/7.

The VO2 max estimator will let you know how much oxygen you can consume per minute which is a great metric for your fitness form. You can further improve your running through monitoring stride length, cadence, ground contacts and the amount of bouncing that we are all looking to minimize.

You, of course, receive the usual other features, like step counting and sleep monitoring. You can also go swimming, skiing, snowboarding, rowing or play golf. Fenix Chrons can definitely help you refine your training sessions.

With the included altimeter you can receive elevation data; with a barometer it can predict the weather and the built in compass will keep you on track. And if not, Garmin Fenix Chronos has a TrackBack feature to help you return back to your starting point. No need of breadcrumbs then!

No touch screen for the Fenix Chronos

As with all Fenix smartwatches, the screen is not touch enabled, and the OS is Garmin’s own proprietary software, so no Android Wear on this watch, however, that is not necessarily a bad thing. You still get smart notifications for texts, emails, alerts and other events. To navigate around the interface, you use the array of buttons that have been put on the side of the watch – 2 on the right plus 3 on the left side.

Essentially with the new Chronos, you are getting a Fenix watch, with far superior build quality and crafted with materials of the highest quality. The price is steep; however, it looks like a watch that will last you well if you get your hands on one.

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